Adflow is advertising on the move

Simple and effective are the keys to successful advertising. That’s what Adflow is all about – using our vehicles as moving advertisements. It’s a proven way for advertisers to be seen all over town, through all types of traffic.


P2P is the only fleet that advertisers will need to deal with.

The P2P fleet is fully optimised for advertising due to leading technology from Adflow, which provides digital top advertising and telematics. Utilising the entire P2P fleet across the eastern seaboard, advertisers will have the opportunity to showcase their offerings on our vehicles. Adflow’s technology allows for advertisements to be fully customised for location, time and other factors to best reach target markets. Imagine the power of selecting when and where to show a particular advertisement.

The technology also provides additional telematics that will be used in the P2P fleet, which means P2P remains on the cutting edge of progress.

For more information contact:
1300 AD FLOW