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Deregulated Taxi Fares

Governments throughout the country will be introducing deregulated fares so taxis can compete with ride share services that have the option of surge pricing (increasing the price when the demand increases).

Does this mean that the passengers will negotiate with drivers on the ranks? We hope not!

We believe that deregulated fares will only be available on booked services and rank and hail work will continue to work with a regulated meter.

At P2P we already have a fixed fare model on our taxis, we have always provided this service with our high-end chauffeured work.

The initiative is to provide the public with a discounted fixed fares primarily focused on airport travel and other pre-booked services.

The initiative is working very well, with great feedback from both our drivers and our passengers.

This has only been possible because of our scale and our ability to cover the pre-booked work.

Our drivers also love this feature as it allows them to pre-plan their day based upon these bookings, giving them flexibility and security.

P2P will continue to monitor and deliver this feature throughout the entire fleet and hope to be able to improve the offering. We are also investigating how to best provide carpooling where the passengers save money and our drivers are rewarded.

We are very excited with the future and intend to provide the travelling public with many new initiatives to save them time and money.

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